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DJ Seventh Sign

Origin: USA

Seventh Sign is the Psychedelic Trance moniker of Jonn Connor, a rising star in the San Francisco Trance circuit. Throughout 2017, Jonn Connor started checking off all of the major clubs within the city and as the new year approached, Seventh Sign was born.

For Seventh Sign, music is more than the combination of rythmic structures and melodies. It is an esoteric force capable of profound impact of an individual's state of mind. Based in San Francisco, California, Connor Mooldyk first came into contact with the psy-trance communauty at the age of 19 and son after began experimenting with his own DJ sets. The unique mixing skills he developed built him up a formidable reputation among the San Francisco underground party scene and it was only a matter of the before he would get noticed by industry professionals.

His distinctive abilities to blend deep, progressive psy-trance with pinpoint of precision led to Pyramind inc, San Fransisco's leading music production school, to appoint him as lead DJ instructor in 2018, where he is currently running and teaching their flagship DJ program. While he isn't in the classroom, he is working tirelessly in the studio and co-organizing a slew of successful psy-trance parties under the brand Samadhi SF alongside trancefamily SF.