Dreamscape (Various)
Selected by DJ Rikam

Catalogue #: TSR01
Format: Digital
Release date: 2013-05-31
Label: TechSafari Records

Track list:
1-Mental Broadcast  & Mind Evolution – Hybrid (original mix)
2-Burn in Noise – Dreamscape (original mix)
3-E-Clip vs Sonic Species – T.F.C. (original mix)
4-Species – Identity (original mix)
5-Joti Sidhu – Chaos Trap (original mix)
6-Bamboo Forest – We are all family (original mix)
7-Mad Maxx – Suspect Spotted (original mix)
8-Voyager –Orion (original mix)
9-Aes Dana – Riven (dusk edit)  (original mix) 
10-Species – Kamaprekosutra (original mix)

DJ Rikam, a true pioneer of the psychedelic trance scene since 1994, presents his first compilation, ‘Dreamscape’, the very first release from TechSafari Records. Rikam presents a dream come true comprised of 10 unreleased tracks by diverse talented artists from around the world.

Rikam, a.k.a. Érik Amyot, has a talent for getting people together and a genuine passion for underground electronic music. In 1994, he started organizing large-scale psytrance (Goa trance) events in Trois-Rivières and Montreal (Canada), bringing notoriety to the local scene. In 2005, he became label DJ for legendary label Neurobiotic Records, joining artists such as DJ Edoardo, Zen Mechanics, Earthling, Joti Sidhu, and Polaris.

Rikam remains a very active event organizer with TechSafari Productions, Eclipse Festival and Amazone Halloween Ritual, Orion NYE and many events produced with partners. In 2013, he made a dream come true and launched his own label: TechSafari Records. This quickly allowed him to make connections with artists from around the world. Érik draws inspiration from his trips, spirituality, people, nature, life, and performances he’s given in many events and festivals in various countries (United States, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Morocco, Thailand, India [Goa], Nepal, and Canada).

Rikam is constantly looking for new released and unreleased music and always has a remarkable, avant-garde music selection. As manager-owner of the TechSafari Records label, Rikam has the mission of creating a new story and uniting under the same banner a focused music genre that knows no border, created by talented producers from around the world. He works hard for his label’s branding, development and vitality in America and throughout the world, with the same passion that’s been fuelling him for over 20 years.