Freqfield - Create Music

Catalogue #: TSR0107
Format: Digital
Release Date: 09/16/2019
Label: TechSafari Records


1-Create Music (Original mix)

Freqfield - Create Music: We see them on the stages, dance to their sound, celebrate the world through their work. To us it's an escape, a trip through our own consciousness and beyond. To them, it's a passion, a work of love and artistry, a life's worth of notes and beats. Freqfield has summed it all up, they Create Music. For you as much as for them, it's a need. Freqfield's newest jewel represents all that. Create Music, hear it: it's everywhere. From the sound of silence and that of the deepest forests, to the busiest crossing on the relentless city, the world aims to Create Music. Freqfield will show you.

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