Radioactive Sandwich -Survival  

Artists: Radioactive Sandwich, Globular, Tron Sepia
Catalogue #: TSR 03
Format: Digital
Release date: 2013-08-12
Label: TechSafari Records

Track list:
1-Ex Nihilo (original mix)
2-The Storm (original mix)
3-Icefall (original mix)
4-Icefall (Globular’s Thawing remix) original mix
5-Icefall  (Tron Sepia’s tron sandwich remix) original mix

"Survival" is Radioactive Sandwich's first release with TechSafari Records and their first new material in 2014. This EP highlights their signature mix of worldly sounds across different genres, and features remixes from Globular (UK) and Tron Sepia (Canada).

Born out of a hunger to create new and exciting musical flavors, Radioactive Sandwich is a modern day electronic group who beats to their own synthetic drum. Two friends, with a passion for music and sandwiches, came together in 2004 and haven not stopped since.

Through years of honing and crafting their skills in the studio, Slice One and Slice Two have become a force of sonic nature within the psychedelic electronic music scene. Utilizing computers, synthesizers, voices, and random sound generating devices, Radioactive Sandwich creates music that is both unique and exciting. Their energy, both in the studio and on the stage, creates a one-of-a-kind experience that tickles the ears, warps the minds, and fills the bellies of all who listen.