Ilai - Phosphorescence E.P.

Catalogue #: TSR 08
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2014-12-20
Label: TechSafari Records

Track list:
1-Ilai –Phosphorescence
2-Ilai – Sweep Noise

After several releases on 24/7 Records, Antu and Iono Music labels, Italian artist Ilai joins Canadian label TechSafari for his new EP. “Phosphorescence” is the extraordinary phenomenon observed when matter keeps on emitting light after having been lit. The phenomenon itself is due to a reaction caused by the loss of energy in electrons that have been excited and return to lower energy levels. The slowness of the process is explained through quantum mechanics: electrons return to their usual state by taking a forbidden path...TechSafari Records is thrilled to present this new EP!