Starlab -Cosmic Contact(E.P.)

Catalogue #: TSR 21
Format: Digital
Release date: 2015-12-07
Label: TechSafari Records

1- Cosmic Contact (Original Mix)
2- Liftshift feat Ariel Electron - Plantlife (Starlab Remix)

Let the sonic river transport you to the cosmic garden! Starlab promises here a great contact"! The basslines are deep and solid in this first track of the first track named ‘Cosmic contact’. Surrounded by day time creatures, the bass and the drums will blast your !

The other track of this beautiful EP is a remix of the sweet and powerful Plantlife from Liftshift feat Ariel Electron (Singer from the german duo X Dream) . This remix is following another arm of the Plantlife river but leading to the same emotions: Jungle day time dreaming! Just lovely :-) Close your eyes and enjoy the ride.