Liftshift - Reshifted (Remixes album)

Artists: Liftshift, Yestermorrow, Tron, Perfect Stranger, Audiotec, James Monro, Sonic Entity, Sonic Species, E-Clip, Allaby, Earthling
Catalogue # : TSR31
Format: Digital
Release date: 2016-06-20
Label: TechSafari Records

Track list:
1-Liftshift - Life=Perfect (Yestermorrow remix)
2-Liftshift -Grey Area (Tron remix)
3 -Liftshift -Tunnel Vision (Perfect Stranger Remix)
4- Liftshift -Chacruna (Audiotec Remix)
5- Allaby - Spiritually Corrected (Liftshift Remix)
6-Liftshift -Evolve (James Monro Remix)
7-Liftshift Feat Ariel Electron - Plantlife (Sonic Entity Remix)
8- E-Clip & Sonic Species - TFC (Liftshift Remix)
9-Liftshift -Ethnic Proportions (Earthling Remix)

This year's solstice is shifting into a new era! A year after their release 'Equinox', Liftshift aka Eric Bijl and TechSafari Records are back to keep this unique energy flow going for the longest day of the year. This time around, they united their vision to present to you 'Reshifted', a full-packed release of remixes of some of Liftshift's best tracks handpicked by the scene's heavyweight, Perfect Stranger Earthling, James Monro, TRON, Audiotec, Sonic Entity and Yestermorrow. We're topping all of this with 2 tracks remixed by Liftshift. You can't sit this one out!...