Side Effects - Next Destination (Album)

Catalogue #: TSR52
Format: Digital
Release Date:  2017-09-18
Label: TechSafari Records

1- Side Effects - Next Destination (Original Mix)
2-Side Effects & Sonic Sense - Space Travel (Original Mix)
3- Side Effects & Ilai - What Is Real (Original Mix)
4- Side Effects - Burning Man (Original Mix)
5- Side Effects - Eruption (Original Mix)
6- Side Effects - Waves Of Sound (Original Mix)
7- Side Effects & Helber Gun - Electro Magnetic (Original Mix)
8- Side Effects - We Are Not Alone (Original Mix)
9- Side Effects - Storm (Original Mix)
10- Side Effects & Seamoon - Human Archetyp (Original Mix)

We are all traveling on the path of life. Meeting different people, living different experiences. We always push ourselves to go further. Side Effects is now guiding you to your Next Destination. You're always moving along, never make it to your final destination. There's a new way to explore, to make it to your Next Destination. TechSafari proudly presents Side Effects' fresh and heavy new album. It's a steady, stomping, pumping trip of an album that'll make any moment better. Keep moving; your body wants to, your mind needs to, your soul longs to.