Faders - Gathering of Strangers (Album)

Catalogue #: TSR54
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2017-10-16
Label: TechSafari Records

1- Faders & Wilder - Altered Minds (Original Mix)
2-Faders  & Vertical Mode - Optical Illusion  (Original Mix)
3- Faders - Flying Object  (Original Mix)
4- Faders - Geometric (Original Mix)
5- Faders - Unite (Original Mix)
6- Faders - Molecular Formulas  (Original Mix)
7- Faders - Fractals   (Original Mix)
8- Circuit Breakers - Mariner 9  (Faders Remix)
9- Faders - Nirvana (Suduaya Remix)

We all started as strangers. United around a same goal, a same love of music. Became a community. Or Kopel is doing this exact thing with his music. The psychedelic machine is hard at work! TechSafari Records and Faders are proud to offer you Gathering Of Strangers! 9 innovative tracks to turn a dancefloor of strangers into a gathering of brethren. One of a kind collaborations with Wilder and Vertical Mode, insane remix of the unique Mariner 9 from Circuit Breakers and a dreamy remix of Nirvana by Suduaya, all is there to bring down the barriers and meet your new family.