Audiotec - Museum Of Dreams (Album)

Catalogue #: TSR65
Format: Digital & CD
Release Date: 2018-04-09
Label: TechSafari Records

1- Audiotec - Museum Of Dreams (Original Mix)
2-Audiotec - Shades (Original Mix)
3- Audiotec & Egorythmia - Mind Field  (Original Mix)
4- Audiotec - Blade Runner (Original Mix)
5- Audiotec  & Symbolic  - Definition Of Happiness (Original Mix)
6- Audiotec - Arrival   (2018 Album Mix)
7- Audiotec & Sinerider  - Physics Of Consciousness  (Original Mix)
8- Audiotec & Zen Mechanics - Telemetry (2018 Album edit)
9- Audiotec - Future Memories (Jaia Remix)

Audiotec has walked the halls of the night, searching for inspiration his new album. What he saw, he turned into light and is now showing it to you in his Museum Of Dreams. An album of peak production and dedicated hard work, Museum Of Dreams is a mesmerizing combination of beautiful and powerful. Rolling bass lines, delicate melodies and flabbergasting quality makes this an out of this world one of a kind