Artificials - Mirrors

Catalogue #: TSR71
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2018-06-18
Label: TechSafari Records


1- Mirrors

When two unique components are put together, something out of this world is created. Ilan Symbolic and Miki Damski Audiotec are the top elements of the production spectrum. Put them together and you get Artificials: something new, forged in the studio, designed by masterminds. The new futuristic psychedelic trance sound originates from the minds of these great architects of sonic matter. Their 20 year old friendship results in a performance that goes further than the simple collaboration, worthy of the best stages on the planet and beyond. Artificials are energy at its purest form. This is over and above what already exists. It needed to be brought into being. You need to witness it for yourself.








Artificials.Mirrors V6 copie.jpg