Freqfield - In Control

Catalogue #: TSR91
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2019-01-28
Label: TechSafari Records


1-In Control (Original Mix)

After years of Peace Maker, Idan Adi dove deep into his soul and reemerged as Freqfield. A changed sound for a changed man for changed times. The delicious prog vibe he provides floats like the wind in a field; a field of frequencies that grew strong and diverse after being nurtured by years of experience, a most keen ear and a passion that won't quit. Having worked with some of the best artists the scene has to offer, he acquired a musical and production knowledge that rose the level of his skills.

Freqfield's taking hold of this destiny, and yours. His newest release, In Control, is his testament to that. Challenges will occur, surprises will happen but you can not be swayed from your true path. It's time to take command of your future, let it know who's In Control. Resistance is useless, Freqfield has now authority over your ears and your movements. Surrender to the dance and let your worries go. Freqfield is really In Control