Origin: Japan

Yoshihiro Yamada’s first contact with psychedelic trance took place in 2002, at an event on Mount Fuji (Japan). Yamo has a passion for trance music and developed excellent mixing skills, with a music selection that’s always top-notch. He succeeds in bringing listeners on a wonderful trip with futuristic psychedelic atmospheres, creating a genuine transformational experience on the dance floor. One of the most talented DJs on psychedelic trance scene in Japan, Yamo collaborates with local and foreign artists for the development of the new generation of psychedelic trance movement in Japan. He also organizes trance events, which have showcased many international artists such as Dimitri DKN, GMS and DJ Tsuyoshi.  In April 2018, Rikam, head of the TechSafari Records label, quickly recognized his talent and his passion for psychedelic trance music and culture, and made him an ambassador for the label in Japan.